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Web Links to Places to Play, Online Instruction, Equipment, Pickleball Associations & Clubs, Affiliated Associations, Legal Serve Information

1. Places to Play

Find a place to play Pickleball near you.

Traveling across Canada click on Places to Play and enjoy this game across Canada.

2. Best Places For Online Instruction

pickleballcoach.com – Coach Mo does his thing

Pickleball Canada – Teaching Pickleball To Beginning Players

Pickleball for All. Learn To Play Pickleball! (scroll down the page for the lesson links) http://pickleballlessons.blogspot.com/

3. Equipment – Suppliers & Distributors

For special PAO discounts on paddles & balls click here


Skins distributor only – http://tinyurl.com/273ued8

4. Pickleball Associations & Clubs

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Windsor Essex County Pickleball Association

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Great Lakes Pickleball



5. Non-Pickleball Affiliated Associations




6. Legal Serve

Watch this video clip from the USAPA: http://training.usapa.org/judgingserves. The best advice is to use an underhand bowling motion with no sidearm movement.